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] powered by the 2nd gen intel core processor family. not just smart. visibly smart. get an inspiron 15r with 6 gig memory and 640 gig hard drive for $599.99 at soy the head of a media empire now facing tough questions. >> news corp. chief rupert murdoch set to appear before britain's parliament just hours from now. fox 5 morning news continues now. glad you are with us on this nice and steamy tuesday
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morning. thank you for waking one fox 5 morning news. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm wisdom martin. the morning rush always busy and it is turning into a traffic head headache for route 29 commuters in silver spring. an overnight accident shut down part of colesville road in both direction and it is still closed. the crash happened just before midnight at the incident are section -- at the intersection of sligo creek parkway. the heat index easily surpassed 100 degrees in many places including 126 in newton, iowa and in tulsa, oklahoma. residents used a record amount of water which could force officials to tighten restrictions. the same weather pat were will spread to the east coast later this week.
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not a good thing. >> not encouraging news. >> if it is reaching 126 in parts of iowa and oklahoma, that is insane. that is excessive heat in the extreme. it is not going to get that warm here but we will touch 100 degrees at the end of this week. so let's enjoy today when we're in the 90s. we do have clouds out there this morning. we also have haze because of the humidity in the atmosphere. rain is tracking southward. i did not expect it to move into the washington area but points west could see some of that. current conditions being reported athe reagan national. 08degrees. relative humidity, 71%. your dew points are in the 60s. wiptsd are out of the southwest at six miles per hour. the-- winds are out of the southwest at sick miles per hour. the forecast looks like this. we are going to see hot
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conditions, hazy, hot, humid. maybe some scattered thunderstorms this afternoon and evening. hook -- look for a high into the low to mid-90s. >> thank you, tony. >> let's check in with lauren to get a look at traffic. >> the good news is, if you are traveling between beltways, you don't have any problems reported right now. sky fox headed up over i-95, flying over the construction area for the i kiro 7 -- for the icc. looks good right now. we were talking about snags that we have been seeing. we are still dealing with that wreck you were just talking about, colesville road between sligo creek parkway and franklin avenue. that remains shut down inside the beltway. no real problems to report on
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the beltway. here is a look at the beltway, university boulevard. the volume starting to build. right now, everyone is still moving at speed. northbound 95 getting heavy across the occoquan and from here from lorton to head into newington. 395 looks good from the beltway up to the 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. new developments out of the brit i'm this morning as we continue to follow the fallout from that phone hacking scandal involving the now defunct news of the world. more big names conning to step down in the wake of the scandal. metropolitan police assistant commissioner john yates announced his resignation yesterday, second in charge of scotland yard. sunday, police commissioner paul steve p son stepped down. both are under fire over links
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to a former news of the world executive employed by police as a media consult ontario. the news corp. board standing behind its liter refuting reports that rupert murdoch will be replaced. another disturbing development in the case actually photo journalist credited with helping to break the scandal was up for at his home yesterday. however, police a sean hoare's death is not considered suspicious. he once told the new york sometimes while working for news of the world that phone hacks was widely used and even encouraged. a identify profile hacking report is to blame for false reports that rupert murdoch was found dead. they were able to hack into the sun's web site and redirect readers to the hoax. again, today's questioning about the phone hacking scandal is set to start later this
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morning. we'll bring you live coverage beginning at 9:30. the senate continuing to work on a back-up plan for the debt ceiling. a look at the morning's other top stories. d.c. police are investigating a homicide. it happened around 3:00 this morning in the # hundred block of randolph street northwest. when police arrived on the scene, they found a man who had been shot. he later died. no word this morning on a motive or a suspect. d.c. police also still searching for the gunman who opened fire on a busy street. chaos broke out just before noon yesterday on martin luther king avenue. witnesses say two men were horsing around in front of a pizza place and then for some
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reason, one of them left and came back with a gun and shot the victim self times. gunman took off. the victim is expected to survive. you can expect to see a stepped-up security presence at the metropolitan branch trail this morning. there have been eight robberies and assaults on the trail since may, the latest one happening yesterday morning about 9:30. a gunman robbed a man riding his bike. police now getting help from the guardian angels and also from civilian volunteers. next, a new twist in dan snyder's case against the local newspaper. and also, border says it has no choice but to close. we'll have more. 
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soy the crew of the international space station bidding fair -- farewell to the atlantis group. the she is shuttle headed home to the historic end to the 30-
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year space shuttle program. atlantis due to land thursday morning in florida. we'll carry that live right here on fox 5 morning news search bad news for borders as they could start closing its stores as early as friday. yesterday, the bankrupt bookstore chain announced it will liquidate its remaining 399 stores. a bidding deadline passed over weekend without any offers to buy the chain. about 11,000 people will lose their jobs as a result. the aclu now getting involved in the legal fight between redskins owner dan snyder and the washington city paper. the american civil liberties union filed a brief arguing that a new d.c. law requires snyder to quickly prove the city paper knowingly published false and harmful information about him or the lawsuit will be dismissed. the paper maintains the article was clearly within free speech protection. coming up next, a warning from pepco during this extreme heat wave. >> just how hot are we talking? we'll check back in with tony
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for your full forecast. we are talking triple digits. it is 80 right now. we're back after this. 
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soy wave been talking about the extreme heat we're expecting throughout the week. metro now preparing for it as well. overtime has been approved for elevator and escalator crews so they can rush to any problems plus maintenance crews are using on so-called hot cars and track inspectors will be deployed to make sure the rails are safe. pepco is asking customers to conserve energy during this hate wave although extreme heat can put a lot of pressure on electrical equipment, pepco says the supply should be able to meet the demand. pepco is asking customers to set their thermostats at 78, turn off nonessential
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appliances and wait until the evening to use high-energy appliances including electric stoves, washers and dryers and dishwashers. do that in the evening time. 78, i guess that is comfortable. >> more comfortable than 100 on the outside. >> i have to write that one down. >> i think it is about 88 in our studio right now. >> a little warm in here. >> let's take a look at what is going on out there as far as our temperatures go. we've hay drop in temperatures. 79degrees right now. -- we've had a drop in temperatures. gaithersburg, 73. frederick, maryland is at 76
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degrees. off tower east, cambridge is at 72 degrees. here is what we're looking at. got some clouds with us this morning. that is a change from yesterday morning. also, take a look at that. a pretty good area of rainfall southwestern pennsylvania moving through western maryland now pushing into northern portions of virginia and the panhandle of west virginia. some of this rain is heavy. the way it is tracking, it will not impact the washington area but point to the west as it tracks southward, places -- i keep mentioning places like leesburg. maybe front royal could get some of this activity. we'll keep our eyes on it and see how it develops during the course of the afternoon hours. as far as thunderstorm activity, we could see some thunderstorms move through here later today. we are at a slight risk for thunderstorm activity across the area today. not just here in washington but all the area in orange. some of those thunderstorms that pop up could be severe. all right. here is your forecast for
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today. you know the routine, partly sunny, hazy, hot and humid. afternoon scattered thunderstorms. high about 94 degrees. day two of the heat wave. then for tonight, scattered showers and thunderstorms early. clearing overnight. 78degrees for your overfight low. five-day forecast, here you go. look for your highs right around 100 degrees thursday, friday and saturday. it will be hot, hot, hot. now, let's get more on this morning's rush hour traffic from lauren demarco. >> i think today is my day to go see harry support. the only one with a little bit of rain if the forecast. >> there you go. and you avoid the heat as well. >> exactly. that is my plan for today. in anne arundel county, we do have a new wreck reported. sorry about that. also in montgomery county, accident reconstruction team is now on the scene. route 29 colesville road at
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sligo creek parkway. sky fox is there live over the scene. just before midnight, a montgomery county police cruiser collided with another car. both drivers were taken to the hospital with nonlife- threatening injuries. inside the beltway here in silver spring, colesville road does remain shut down between sligo creek parkway and franklin avenue. take a live look at the wilson bridge. pretty smooth trip on the beltway between virginia and midge county. we are seeing some volume northbound 95 in virginia. a.approaching and crossing the occoquan. here off and on from lorton up toward the fairfax county parkway. once you get into springfield, things do look better. but then is on the brake again 395 northbound leaving the beltway up past edsall road and again at the 14th street bridge. back to you. in mclean, a close encounter with a bear caught on camera. the animal spotted sunday morning eetding from a bird
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feeder in the backyard along snow meadow lane in mclean, virginia. ann mitchell took these photos and a valentine phone video from a deck outside her kitchen. -- these photos from a cell phone video from a deck outside her kitchen. >> they will cop to move on through the area. they are hooking for food typically -- they will con to move on through the area. they are looking for food typically. >>-- they will continue to move on through the area. they are looking for food typically. business beat is coming up next. we are talking about more bad news for borders. now that chain has announced it is closing. as we go to break, maybe in good news for the chevy cruze.
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-- maybe some good news for the chevy cruze. 
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lawyer lauren simonetti is live with the business beat. >> the european stress test is how they rate their banks. they came out friday when the market closed and the news was pretty good. with that that weight on our financial sector on monday, we had financials down big time. the dow was down by 95 points. this morning, everything is looking up. we have dow futures higher by 77 points right now so hopefully, we can gain those losses back today. >> let's talk about housing. what is going on with the house something. >> what is going on with the
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housing. well, interesting you say that because we do get housing starts for the month of june today in about two hours from now and we'll find out if builders are breaking ground on new homes but we all know the answers to that. the foreclosure problem is a mess in this country. so any sort of improvement will be cheered by the markets but we have a long way to go before our housing market recovery and on wednesday, we get existing home sales and we expect much of the same for that report as well. >> and looks like also the end of the road for borders. looks like they are shutting it all down. >> it is official. borders is out of business. they files chapter 11 bankruptcy back in february. the stores will be shut down starting this friday through the end of september. there was a michelle millman owe sent by the company's president yesterday and he cited the trend of. -reader and tablets as one of the ropes why this 40-year-old
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brick and mart mortar bookstore is now out the business. back to you. >> this could be a sign of things to come. you just mentioned that the president of border puts out this letter. it is pretty bad. now, i got another question for you. the people that have these gift cards, when they get ready to go out of business, what happens to them in you don't get in there and use it in time, you are just out of the luck. >> you should get in there and use it. >> we reach it. we'll see you tomorrow. we continue to follow opmen this morning. in just a few hours from now, news corp.'s chief rupert murdoch will go before parliament as lawmakers seek answers minister phone hacking swanned. a warning about a popular -- answers in the phone hacking scandal. a warning about a popular local trail. that is coming up next. 
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there we are. expecting to see something outside, weren't you? >> direct to the point is heat this week. that is for sure. it look like our braddual build- up has started. >> that is what it is. a gradual build-up, which is mother nature's way of letting us acclimate to the 102 and 200-degree temperatures that are on the way. not going to get that hot. at dulles airport, it is 75 degrees right now. here is a look at the satellite- radar composite. there are some clouds pushing through as we speak. look at the lightning out to the west in west virginia and western maryland where they are
6:31 am
seeing thunderstorm activity. that is sinking southward. think it is going to move across western and southwestern portions of virginia later on this morning so some of our viewers to the extreme west might see -- in fact, we have viewers in west virginia. some of you are getting this right now. i don't think we'll see it in the washington area but later today, we could in the form of some thunderstorms. today, partly sunny, hot and humid, afternoon scattered thunderstorms. high today about 94 degrees. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. coming up in about 15 minutes, today's edition of ask the weather guys. do we feel like doing it? >> you should do it. >> we will do it. today, you know you go to the beach. en does. this you find a sea shell, you pick it up. you put it next to your ear. you hear the ocean. is it the ocean that you are hearing or is it not? we will answer that question for you today. >> looking forward to that. >> yeah.
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>> ground-breaking research. the only thing better than that is if we went to the beach to conduct this experiment. >> i think i know the answer for ask the weather guys. >> you grew up at the beach. >> give me an idea what you think it is. >> i don't want to give it away. i'll tell you later. we are still dealing with the issue in silver spring just inside the beltway. we can take a live look. we had colesville road shut down between sligo creek parkway and franklin avenue. look luke they are starting to reopen the roads. it was an accident there involving a police cruiser. we'll let you know what is going on. northbound 95 across the occoquan as you head into newington. no problems to report on the beltway in virginia. here you are, you're at g. with
6:33 am
that parkway after the american legion bridge. you've go the all-clear. pennsylvania avenue inbound slow at 2th street. suitland parkway on the brakes. 66 heavy out of manassas and through centreville and leaving route other fair oaks and at the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. new developments out of britain this morning as we continue to follow the fallout from that phone hacking scandal involving the now defunct news of the world. >> rupert murdoch will be questionedded today by a parliamentary panel. his son and and rebecca brooks will be questioned also. john yates announced his resignation yesterday. sunday, miss commissioner paul steve p -- stevenson stepped
6:34 am
down. news corp.'s board is refuting reports that rupert murdoch will be replaced. a journalist credited with helping to break the scandal was found at his home yesterday. police say sean hoa rest's death is not considered suspicious. he once told the "new york times" that phone hacking was widely used and even encouraged. site high profile hacking group is to brame for false rlts that rupert murdoch was found dead. they were able to hack into the sun's web site and redirect readers to the hoax. today as questioning about the phone hacking scandal is set to start later this morning. we'll bring you live coverage beginning at 9:30. president obama says he
6:35 am
will veto today's house plan to require a balanced budget constitutional amendment but a back-up plan in the senate is getting more attention. senate plan would let president obama raise the debt ceiling on his own. among the other top stories we are following, a rash of robberies and salts at the metropolitan branch trail. >> hayes -- and assaults at the metropolitan branch trail. >> sherry ly has the details. >> reporter: we've had three robberies in less than 10 days here along the metropolitan branch trail. you can see the guardian angels are out here in full force at 8th and edgewood. there were five incidents on the trail between may and june. the trail runs from union station in northeast all the way to silver spring and an arrest was made in june but then the crimes spiked again
6:36 am
this month. yesterday morning, a cyclist noticed a man standing on the trail. as he passed by, the man robbed him at gunpoint. the same thing happened friday when the suspect asked someone for the time and then pulled a gun. and in another case on july 9th, a suspect struck a man. the crimes do appear to be growing more violent. >> it concerns me a lot because if somebody is robbing someone at gunpoint, it is just a matter of time before someone resists and then someone is shot. we have to try to avoid that as soon as possible and that is why we have to get some plainclothes officers out here on bicycles as well as guardian angels patrolling, other citizens patrolling. we need to get as many eyes and ears on this bike path as possible. >> reporter: the guardian angels already patrol this area twice a week in the early morning and the late evening hours when these crimes have occurred. now, since this latest incident, they plan to randomly patrol during the weekday
6:37 am
mornings so that the suspect won't know when or where they will be. back to you. >> thank you. the gunman who opened fire on a busy d.c. street yesterday is still on the run. this happened on martin luther king avenue just before noon. witnesses say the men were horsing around in front of a pita place and for some reason, the suspect left, came back with a gun and shot victim several times. the man is expected to survive. a suspected serial killer in prince george's county has been convicted on unrelated charges. yesterday, a federal jury found jason scott guilty of more than 50 robberies, nine armed home invasions and the production of child pornography. he faces a mandatory minimum of 97 years in federal prison. he is also charged with skilling dolores dewitt ander daughter ebony in 2009. that murder trial is scheduled to begin in november and police say he is a person of interest in three other murders. it has been months since
6:38 am
the last race for governor of maryland ended but the controversy consequence over thousands of robocalls made on he leaks day. two former officers of governor bob ehrlich have pleaded not guilty. they and in a baltimore circuit court yesterday. here is henson. >> this is something by ben c ardin and o'malley to punish people who don't agree with the democrat inparty. it can cut the risk of some cancer and fight off depression but doctors say many of us are not getting enough of it. another wild scene out west. phoenix slammed by a second dust storm in two weeks. details on why the scene is so rare.
6:39 am
it is 6:38 now. ouewti navigating today's real estate market is complicated.
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cy system kiro 7. on is laying off more than 11,000 workers worldwide. it is part of a plan to cut annual expenses by $1 billion includes the sale of a plan in mention cope a good chunk of the workers will be workers at the vice president level or higher. for the second time in two weeks, a dust storm in arizona. the haboob hit phoenix yesterday. it towered 3,000 feet, the wind gusting at about 40 miles per hour. the a lot of folks still cleaning up from the first giant dust storm back on july 5th. weather officials say the storms only happen in arizona, the sahara desert and parts of the middle east.
6:43 am
the u.s. nuclear regulatory commission is meeting today. the task force is advising all u.s. nuclear plants to re- evaluate the risk from a major earthquake and devastating floods. man doctors believe that vitamin d is one of most important vitamins that we need to fight off disease but for a lot of us, we are just not getting enough of it. tisha thompson breaks down the abcs of vitamin d. & let the sunshine &&. >> reporter: by, is it not. and while many of us try to keep cool with big hats, umbrellas and shaded trees, we could be hurting ourselves down the road according to some doctors. >> i tan red so i tend to try to stay out of the sun for the most part. >> reporter: days outside are limited for greg mattingly, works a financial planner a recent physical revealed he had low levels of vitamin d.
6:44 am
>> i didn't know what vitamin d was or did. >> reporter: we all have it. sunlight helps our skin produce vitamin d. might not be getting enough. >> many studies have revealed that children, the elderly, people who are consciously avoiding the sun are being found to be low in vitamin d. >> reporter: that might impact your health more than you know. recent studies by dr. le inform a clark found vit minute d actually protecteled mice against some cancers like breast and endometrial. >> the animals have vitamin d and that diet totally protected their risk of cancer was clearly the low he have. >> reporter: low vitamin dsm has been linked to depression, diabetes, even obesity. >> direct exposure to sunlight
6:45 am
is enough. >> reporter: with kin cancer concerns, not everyone wants to soak up the rays. what do you do? >> it is not found in many of the foods that we eat and it is certainly not found in the junk food that we eat. >> reporter: you won't find the d vitamin in those colorful veggies but there are some things you should be putting in your shopping cart. first on the list, seafood. >> salmon, tuna, mackerel, sardines, blue fish, anchovies, any of the fishes that we think of of is being oily or being fatty are going to be our best sources. >> reporter: those concerned about heavy metals should stick to smaller fish like sardines and anchovies. next up, eggs. vitamin d is found only in the yolk. >> you will find it will say a good source of vitamin d. >> reporter: don't forget the
6:46 am
dairy aisle. look for milk supplemented with d. >> they are about 20 to 25% of the daily recommended vitamin d. >> a multivitamin will contain about 400 units and that is probably a good minimum level. >> after i started taking the supplements, i noticed a little more energy. i didn't need quite so much caffeine. >> he is trying to get outside more for lunch to get some vitamin d the natural way. tisha thompson, fox 5 news. some studies have shown that supplements might not be good for people who are at risk of colon cancer so best to talk to your doctor. if you would like to read more about vitamin d, log onto and click on special reports under the news
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tab. >> good chance to get plenty of sunshine today. >> plenty this week. it tax -- it takes a little while in the sunshine. not so long that you will get burned. >> let's find out what is happening with our weather conditions around the region. i'll start with our new sent until radar that we have so you can see the precipitation that we are having off to the north and west. some of it is in the form. thunderstorm activity moving through portions of west virginia now and extreme western maryland. there you, can see it right there. this looks rather impressive on this particular radar. i think it overplays it a little bit but not too badly. you can see some areas of heavy rain where that thunderstorm activity is and this is well off to the west and it is tracking southward. so i don't expect it to impact us here in washington or inside the beltway but out to the west, as you are traveling on 15, for example, or far out the greenway and out toward leesburg, you might get some of this sinking through there
6:48 am
during these morning hours. current temperatures around the region, we are in the 70s. it is a warm start to the day. right now in washington, we are at 79 degrees. 73 in gaithersburg. 73 in cull ander. off to the east, cambridge is at 72 degrees at this hour. forecast for washington for today, you know it by now. partly sunny, hot and humid. some scattered afternoon thunderstorms a possible. look for a high today of about 94 degrees. for tonight, another warm night, clearing skies over night but during the evening, we key some scattered showers and thunderstorms here and there. overnight low, 78 degrees. five-day forecast, this is what everybody wants to see. tomorrow, another warm day, 93 degrees for your high. thursday, friday and saturday, highs right around 100 degrees. so we think it will be dry in terms of no rain. it will be humid and hot and it will feel like it is up to 110 degrees at times in part of the area.
6:49 am
so there you go. you have been warned. pleasing hot. hi, tucker. we look like a convention of insurance salesmen. >> don't we? >> that is the weather. it is now time for ask the weather guys. this is the segment where tucker barnes and i and at least two interns at last count put our heads together to answer your most pressing questions. today's question come from reverend antonio. i don't know if he is an actual reverend. >> i hope he is. >> he writes, when you put a sea shell to your ear, what it is that you actually hear if it is not the ocean? excellent question. now, lauren is here and she says she thought she knew the answer. can we go to lauren for just a
6:50 am
moment. we can't? we cannot even though the camera is aimed at her. lauren told me personally that she thought it was -- you put the sea shell up and it is the sound of the blood rushing through your ear and the body amplified by the sea shell which is a common belief. that is what most people seem to believe. it is not that. >> i don'tened what hearing the ocean is -- >> have you ever put a shell to your ear. >> it sound like the ocean so -- >> it is just the wind being redirected by the shape of the shell. >> i want you guys to do something. take your hands like this. >> here we go, show and tell. >> put opportunity to the ear. >> don't you hear that sound. >> steve, do it. >> i just did it. >> do it. >> if we are going to be insurance salesmen, i want an
6:51 am
expense account. >> we are sort of a low budget myth busters here. >> you are a right. >> myth busters with no expense account. >> what you are hearing is the ambient sound around you that is being captured by the sea shell. the sea shells are very complex inside. you can hear it even when you cut your hands to your ear. it will be a did i have report level and it will sound different. >> because the seashells have different shapes and sizes, the sound you hear in them won't be exact each time. it is just picking unthe noise in the background. >> tucker's voice sound a lot different. >> your own voice will sound different. >> now, we look like a bun of of crazy men. >> i am hearing in my ear, we're tight. we have to move along. so here is my question then. >> if that is the case, now, we are hearing the shore.
6:52 am
that is very nice. if that is indeed the case, do different shells give you different sound? >> yes, they do. >> i pick ped up a sea shell once being put it to my ear, listened and it said put me down. >> did you get bit? that would be bad. >> there you go. it is merely the ambient sound being captured by the sea shell. >> i like lauren's aanswer the best. >> but it is wrong. >> so mine was right. it was the wind. >> not the wind. little the ambient sound. if it is windy, then yeah, you will hear that. >> all right. if you have a question that you want answered, go to and click on the weather tab. that is just making me want to go to the beach. can you also upload your video question and we may play it on air. there you go. nice. >> i always learn so much. >> we go all out, wisdom.
6:53 am
>> next time, let's take it to the beach. through the magic of television, now we should be able to see ms. demarco. good morning, lauren. >> feel free to chime in. >> yes, i'm dieing to go to the beach, i think i need to look at my life insurance policy and i think i get an a for effort. >> aparently, we can only operate one camera at a time. isn't that weird? >> that is how it works here. you got to roll with it. live tv. >> listen up. in vienna, if you are heading north or east on maple avenue through 123, we have a business of a snag. sky fox live over the scene. there is a water main break. 123 closed in this area. traffic is being diverted around the work zone as they try to repair it using a service road.
6:54 am
you want to be alert there. a lot of of water in that area as well. let's move on to traffic land. we have been deal with the wreck, colesville road looks like some traffic now able to get by. that is what they are telling me. they are still being turned around. colville road at sligo creek parkway, you want to follow police direction there. northbound 395 from the beltway up towards duke street, very heavy and slow. your main lanes do remain well under speed. back to you. >> thank you. when you go out to eat, you might for the give much thought to exactly where the food comes from. >> but a new event is working to freshen your perspective. holly has more on farm to fork when fox anews continues.
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good morning everybody i am holly morris. as you can see i am on a farm yet again today. today we are focussing on food on the farm. where our food comes from why it is important to know that and why it is more important to eat local food. there is a whole nationwide movement being a local voir here in louden county they are celebrating that, having farm to fork louden this whole concept 21 restaurants, wineries, farms are coming together to really show case how they can work together as a community and celebrate all things local. we will talk about what is grown here how you know to pick the best stuff at the farmers market how to cook it up and how to take advantage of this wonderful 11 day event. wisdom. >> thank you very much we want
6:59 am
to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day amy may she got married july 1st and says the best wedding gift would be being named fan of the day. if you would like to be tomorrow's fan of the day find us on facebook searching fox 5 morning news no space between fox and 5, and post a comment under amy's photo. that is it for the 6:00 a.m. hour now to steve and sarah. >> thank you wisdom good morning. coming up fox 5 morning news hacking scandal that made international headlines takes center stage. news corp. chief rupert murdoch set to appear before members of britain's parliament. >> the battle over the nations federal debt continues, although there may be some improvement. stepped up security presence on a popular local bike trail after several robberies and assaults t

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